Like Hunters Stalking Prey, the Eagles Enter Free Agency

by Jerome's Friend

PI - Brian-Dawkins2The Philadelphia Eagles entered the new NFL year knowingly.  Under the baking sun, they wandered through the forest and arrived at the pond of free agency.  Some were already there, like the Miami Dolphins, who sprinted forty yards in less than five seconds and dove in, made a huge splash, and held high their large catch.  Braggarts, the Eagles thought.  Others, like the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals, were already in the pond, treading water and unsure of a direction.  Weaklings.  Then arrived the Philadelphia Eagles, calmly walking around the pond like a hunter stalking prey, observing with interest and smiling slyly, as if to say, “Ha, look at these clowns”.

After their circumnavigation, they paused and turned towards the pond. They did not toe the water.  They did not enter blindly.  They walked into it with purpose, reached into the water and pulled out multi-purpose H-back James Casey.  They reached in again and pulled out DT Isaac Sopoaga.  Then safety Patrick Chung, cornerback Bradley Fletcher, and linebacker Jason Phillips.  From the depths of the free agency pond, they plucked depth for their team.  The Philadelphia Eagles strode from the pond with five players in hand and left the other teams behind.  They will return when they need to, when they want to.  They are executing a plan, decisively, step by step.  And they know there is another, larger pond one month in the distance.

And this is primarily what the first day of free agency has been for the Eagles.  They provided themselves not with big names as they have in the past, prior thinking that they equated to success.  Instead they supplied themselves with depth at positions of need.  They brought in football character and special teams players (huh, who are they?).  None of these players can be characterized as the “one guy” needed to bring a franchise to the next level.  However, collectively they are sure contributors with relatively healthy histories.  Low risk, high reward moves; safe and smart bets. They are the anti-Dream Team.  That is, they are most definitely not pond scum.