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Month: April, 2013

Chip Kelly: Success Formula and Offensive Efficiency

Originally posted March 13, 2013 on

The doctor is in. That much is certain after Dr. Chip Kelly and co-surgeons Dr. Tom Gamble and Dr. Howie Roseman removed NFL players from the free agency pool with surgical precision. They have resuscitated a team whose health was failing and now they must oversee the rehabilitation. First up, the offense. Dr. Kelly, winner of the Nobel Prize for NFL Innovation for his contributions to Super Bowl winning franchises, measures offensive success with a mathematical formula. But does the formula represent philosophy, or fact? Well, the fact that the formula measures offensive success may be a misnomer. Success may be better measured by yards or touchdowns. More accurately it is a formula for offensive efficiency.  Read more… 

The Chip Kelly and Bill Parcells Connection

Originally posted March 9, 2013 on

It’s odd to say, but Chip Kelly may be influenced by Bill Parcells. On the surface, it seems a rather ridiculous statement to make. Parcells was an authoritative disciplinarian over both players and coaches. He was crass and curmudgeonly. Kelly, on the other hand, appears to be more of a collaborator, a coach with distinct ideas who is willing to delegate thoughtfully. But in the NFL there is often an ebb and flow of trends and philosophies, where a stream of thought here was originally a trickle over there. It is no different between Parcells and Kelly. A common thread attaches one to the other. For them, it all comes down to offensive plays. Read More…