Chip Kelly Says Nice Things about Vick Because He Has To

by Jerome's Friend

Originally published April 11, 2013 on

Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan often didn’t say nice things about his players, but that was a different time.  Now, in an age of political correctness, carefully managed and overly sensitive public images, and… well… feelings, tact and media savvy are a little more prevalent than they used to be.

Once upon a time, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist and author Mark Bowden (he of Killing Pablo and Black Hawk Down fame… one of my favorites) wrote an article about Buddy that illustrated this unique brand of “Ryanian” savvy:

When Larry Sullivant saw blood spreading on the back of his hand, he was glad.  It had been a long, hot afternoon scrimmage, and this new coach, a squat tyrant with a flat-top crew cut, had accused him of being a slacker and had been riding him hard. Sullivant jogged off the football field anticipating relief.

Sure enough, the coach inspected the gash and said: “Looks bad. It’ll need doctoring.”

Then he grabbed a handful of dirt, spit on the wound and pressed the dirt over it. “That’ll do you,” the coach said. “Now get back out there.” Read more…