Hello Matt Barkley, Goodbye Michael Vick

by Jerome's Friend

Originally published April 27, 2013 on Section215.com.

If I am Michael Vick, I am not happy.  If I am Vick, I know I am a veteran, injury-prone quarterback with turnover issues and I know I have to compete for a roster spot.  Not a starting spot, but a roster spot.  I know I have to outperform a younger mini-me who has a head start understanding head coach Chip Kelly’s offense (Dennis Dixon).  I know I have to outperform a young competitor who outplayed me behind the same terrible offensive line (Nick Foles).  And I now know I have to outperform Matt Barkley, a hungry fourth round draft pick from USC with something to prove, who is apparently… ahem… leadership-prone.

Barkley is a surprising pick in more ways than one.  First, he was initially projected to be a first round talent.  Second, he was generally and universally believed to not fit the Eagles offense, whatever that offense may look like.  Third, the Eagles traded up a few spots to get him. Exactly what Howie Roseman and Kelly got was a player high on intangibles and low on risk.  Read more…